The Book of Kells, research paper

[The following is a research paper on the Book of Kells that I wrote last semester for my Art History class. I’m trying to squeeze in a personal project that is connected to the Book of Kells, so I thought I’d share this here.]

The Book of Kells
By Dennis West
ARTHC 201, Section 3
Instructor: James Swenson

The story of the Book of Kells is as interesting, and in many ways, as aloof as the swirling ornamentations and illuminations in the book itself. Its history can be traced back to an Irish Nobleman named Columba, who it is said to have relinquished his hereditary right to the Kingship of Ireland in favor of devoting himself to the spread of Christianity. Perhaps his greatest achievement is the conversion of the Scottish Pict people on the small island of Iona off the coast of Scotland where he afterwards founded a monastery in about 565 A.D. Continue reading “The Book of Kells, research paper” »

Quint, the Turtle

About a year ago I did this animation for an Intro to 3D Animation class. For some reason it makes me laugh, kind of like Aardman Animation’s “Creature Comforts.”

Well, recently I thought I’d revisit it to make it more presentable. I went back in and tried to make the textures a little more turtle-like and less plasticky. The animation is still a bit Muppet-like, but oh well.


To view in HD, click here.

Houdini Shader Programming Final Project

Today I turned in my final project for my Shader Programming class. The project was to take a picture and insert a CG model into it and “Shade” it (jargon for texturing and applying a surface material) so that it looks like it belongs in the scene.

So here’s a test. Don’t scroll down too soon, just look at the image below and see if you can tell which object in the scene isn’t real.

Ok, so can you tell what was inserted?
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Character Design – Animals

The next two assignments we had were to study animal anatomy and then do characters from those animals. They were to sill be animal-like–unlike Disney’s Robin Hood–and the viewers were supposed to answer certain questions about them about their characters.

Some of the questions were:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Personality
  • History
  • Current Story
  • Favorite Movie
  • If they got incorrect change at a store, how would they react.
  • How would THEY react if they met YOU in a dark alley.

So, here is what I came up with:

Obviously, the worst part of this is the hookah. Should have spent more time on it.


This one just made me laugh.

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