Music Review: Rosie Thomas – If Songs Could Be Held

>Rosie Thomas - If Songs Could Be HeldNot since buying my first Crowded House Album when I was in high school have I enjoyed an album so thoroughly as I am enjoying Rosie Thomas’ “If Songs Could be Held”. I hadn’t heard of her until I was checking out of the iTunes music store when I was buying Brandi Carlile’s album, and Rosie was one of the referral links.

Rosie Thomas’ music is unpretentious, non-preachy, gentle and melodious. Every song is full of thoughtful lyrics and wonderful acoustic accompaniments. Some comparisons could be made to some of the softer tunes by Sheryl Crow, or Sarah McLachlan but without the gloominess.

I consider this to be one of my favorite recent discoveries and I’m looking forward to discovering more from her.

Rosie Thomas - If Songs Could Be Held

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