Lost Thoughts: This Place is Death

BEWARE: Spoilers spoken here.

The farther along I get into ABC’s Lost, the less I’m sure of how I want all of this to end. Right now there is the Oceanic 6, including Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, and Aaron who are trying to get on with their old lives back on shore. Only a few of them believe that it’s imperative that they go back to the island. Meanwhile back on the island, the remaining Oceanic survivors are time shifting at random intervals and Locke believes that they need to get the 6 escapees back to the island in order to get it to stop. So whom should I be rooting for? Are all of the Oceanic survivors fated (or doomed) to live the rest of their lives on this island? Should we, as viewers, still be hoping that they’ll be rescued in the end?

Last night’s episode explored some interesting topics. We got to see a little about how Rousseau came to be on the island, plus a little more about the smoke monster. Could it be that the others came to be the way they are because of their long term exposure to this creature? Rousseau’s companions sure seemed to have been negatively affected.

Also in this episode is the reunion of Jin with the other remaining Oceanic survivors. I’m excited to see Jin back. I don’t feel fooled as if they brought him back from the dead—the truth is, I never really believed he was dead to begin with. They didn’t really show Jin die. In fact, he was very much out in the open on the freighter when it blew up so he could have easily jumped or have been thrown overboard. I actually have a lot of respect for the producers of Lost because they aren’t afraid to let even a main character remain dead if it’s the honest progression of the story.

Another thing I like about this show is that it’s to the point where they are answering questions, but they are also introducing new ones. Here are some of the questions that I find compelling as I’m looking to the future of this show:

How did Ben get Jin’s ring? If we’re to believe Locke, he was going to honor Jin’s request and tell Sun not to return, it’s possible that Ben wouldn’t allow that and that Ben may have been the one responsible for Locke’s death.

Did Locke resetting the frozen donkey wheel stop the island’s time jumping? If so, is it still imperative that the Oceanic 6 return to the island?

Is the time jumping on the island the same thing that was happening when Walt kept appearing to Shannon before her death? Are we going to see what started his time jumping since he’s not with the group currently on the island?

Questions, questions. I’m just glad they have a time frame to end this that they’re shooting for so that it’s not like they’re just trying to fill in the time. It’s still a great show!

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