Learning Unity 3D, week 1.

I am currently a Master’s student at BYU studying Instructional Psychology and Technology. My project is to recreate the Amiens Cathedral in 3D in a game environment so that students can navigate through the space and visit markers to study various topics regarding the cathedral’s design, construction, structural condition, and use.

To accomplish this I am going to expand on my model that I created for my BFA in Animation senior project and place it in the Unity 3D game engine. By doing so I’ll be able to create an informal learning space where students can navigate freely and spend time exploring and finding points of interest for further investigation.

Unity has a very useful set of tutorials that give a great introduction to the game engine, including how to incorporate scripting. Their introductory lesson presents the task of building a Roll a Ball game.

Here is my finished game (download ZIP file) from this tutorial build for Mac OS. This was a great, fun start!

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