If you have bears to hug, hug them now.

Here’s my Illustration Friday entry for this week. I was in a meeting this morning and thinking about the theme for the week and this is what I came up with for the topic “Forgotten”.

This is perhaps the saddest thing I’ve experienced with my kids growing up. I think I get more attached to their toys than they do. Whenever I see my daughter’s favorite bear from when she was 3 lying around (she’s now 8), I always have to pick him up and put him on his comfy spot on the bed. I think that Jessie the Cowgirl’s song in Toy Story 2 really affected me.

I thought I’d also include the sketch from this morning. I tried to blacken the lines with my pencil before scanning it so I didn’t have to redraw the lines in Illustrator. I kind of like the way it turned out so I may try to do it that way more often because it was much faster.

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