This post is a continuation of my first “Illustration Friday: Float” post from the other day. Here I will show the steps that I took to attempt the “textured” feel that you get from actually painting. I use a Wacom Graphire Tablet for drawing on my computer. I’ve used many of them and found the the $99 version was all that I needed.

The first thing I did was bring my rough sketch into photoshop and screen it back to about 25%. Then I created a new layer to trace it on. Using my “Line Brush” I redraw my drawing over my scan. When I do my lines, I have my brush set to 80% opacity with the blending option set to multiply. That way when I re-trace over lines, it darkens it in. I like the texture of my line brush, but not the fuzzy edges, so I go over most of the lines again with my “Round Wet Edge” brush.

 Using my “Soft Wet Brush” I laid in my base colors. Having the opacity and flow set to 50% and the blend set to normal. This is meant to just get in the basic color, don’t worry about fully shading or getting the colors solid right now. You can also reduce the opacity of the brush to be very light—as much as 15%.

Next, I use my “Large Texture Brush” and do additional shading and detailing on the image. Set the brush to Multiply and vary the opacity. I also usually do each of these steps on new layers with some of the layer blending set to Multiply.

My final step is to create a new layer and change the brush blending to normal and do a combination of white and yellow highlighting to define some of the light edges and highlights. Still using the “Large Texture Brush.”

 Here is the final Drawing. I think the technique could use some refining, but I’m pretty happy with the textures and that it doesn’t have the soft “airbrushy” feel that Photoshop usually gives. As with any advice you receive online, season to taste. This is working for me now, but you may find something that works better for you. If you’d like to share, I’d be more than happy to see.

Here is a detail of the drawing for a closer look at some of the textures.

Whew! This was a long post. I hope nobody fell asleep at their keyboards.

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