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I was in a meeting this morning and doodled this:

I’m probably going to be experimenting with different kinds of dragons in the near future because I’m building a site/blog for my oldest daughter (10 yrs) to use to make up stories about her dragon hunting adventures, so I’m going to be working on the illustrations for it. It should be fun!

I think what I’ll do is draw a random dragon and have her make up a story around it and post it. I’ve registered two domains, but just have them pointing to my own site right now. They are www.dragonfarmer.com and www.dragonhannah.com. I’m not sure which domain will be used as the main one. Her character’s name is to be Hannah (not her real name).

Here’s a picture of her character. She’s on the right. Her younger sister’s character, Emma, is on the left.

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