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Final Project walkthrough for my Amiens Cathedral learning simulation

This is a video walkthrough of my Amiens Cathedral learning game that I created for a class. It is presented as a proof of concept of what a more complete model and additional learning elements could be.

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Game Review: Lego Indiana Jones

>I’m a fan of the Lego Star Wars video games that have come out over the last few years. The classic stories that I loved growing up portrayed with the playful Lego building blocks combined to provide hours of fun with lots of replay value. Naturally, Lego Indiana Jones is a title that I was anticipating and when it was released I got it for the Playstation 2 and the PSP. So far it’s been a great game!

Those who’ve played the Star Wars versions will remember how linear and story-like the levels of those games are. It’s easy to play those games and just go with the flow. In contrast, when I first started playing the new Lego Indiana Jones, there were some areas where I felt a little lost. I was nearing frustration when I realized that the nature of this game is a little different in that the levels are more puzzle-like, meant to be explored and discovered much like the world of an adventurer archeologist like Indiana Jones would be. Because of this, gameplay is a lot more casual, and encourages you to take your time. This only gets discouraging when you spend a lot of time trying to figure something out and then realize that you can only accomplish it in freeplay mode with a different character with special abilities. But that just goes to increase the replay value.

The story cut-scenes are light and humorous as they segue from one scene to another. My only complaint, however, is that they don’t always handle the plot exposition as effectively as they would if there was dialogue. I found myself having to fill in the blanks for my 8 and 10 year old daughters on a few parts because they haven’t seen all the movies and couldn’t figure out what was going on.

The cooperative play in the game is rewarding. Playing with someone else makes it a very social game because you really have to plan out how to tackle some of the challenges. I play with my kids and we all have a great time. My non-gamer wife has even joined in and has had a good time. Unfortunately, there is no two player option in the PSP version whatsoever.

So far I haven’t been able to determine if there are any differences between the PSP and PS2 versions other than the absence of 2 players for the PSP, so if you’re deciding between the two platform versions, that’s about the only thing to consider.

All in all, I’d recommend this game for both adults and children. For adults, it’s a fun way to relive stories and characters we’ve grown up with, and for kids it’s a great introduction to a movie series that might be a little too scary to watch otherwise.

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