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“The Heart’s Cry” from Riverdance. Animated.

Here’s an exercise that I just finished for my 3D animation class at BYU. It was done in Maya and uses a clip of audio from the song “The Heart’s Cry” from Riverdance. I used blend shapes for the face and a simple rig for the neck and head movement. I also fully modeled, shaded and lit the scene.

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Star Trek Lego – Kirk vs Gorn

Well, here is my first foray into animating in Maya. The assignment was to take our Lego project from last year and animate it. Since I did Star Trek Legos for that project (something that is sorely missing from the Lego Universe) I thought it would be fun to do a memorable scene from the original series. This is from the episode “Arena.” I assembled the image sequence and added audio in Adobe After Effects. Kirk’s hair and the Gorn’s head were sculpted in Mudbox.

I’m pretty happy with it. There are a couple of things that I would like to fix, which I’ll probably work on for our next assignment which is adding dynamics. I think I’ll just add them to this scene.

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Shakespeare still life

Here is my final project for my Intermediate 3D Graphics class. I’m happy with the way it turned out although there are a lot of things I’d still like to do with it like increase the wear on some of the books and work out some of the kinks I was running into while trying to import the Shakespeare bust into Maya from Mudbox.

I’m sure I’ll go back and tweak more someday, right?



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Robot Bug Project

So here is the final project for my intro to 3D Graphics class. The project was to design a bug of some kind and place him in an environment. Well, all of my designs ended up being robots that resembled bugs and then ended up with this one that really looks nothin like a bug.

My instructor was fine with the change and I’m happy with the result, and my grade.


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Lego Dudes

This was a fun project. The task was to model a Lego figure and place it in a scene in Maya. I decided to do one of my favorite franchises that has not yet been created in the Lego universe.

This is a scene from one of the greatest Star Trek episodes of all time, “The Trouble With Tribbles.”



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