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“And the Legend was Born in the Wild Land.” — FINAL

Well, here is my final for my Drawing for Animation class. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to not take the easy path. I don’t know if this is totally what I was imagining, but that’s one of the big challenges of being an artist–bridging the gap between what you can imagine and what you can realize.

Anyway, I hope you like it.

This illustration is a continuation of the of the figure drawing of the cowboy that I did a few weeks ago. I was really trying to convey the potential for greatness that he had in his future as a cowboy. Not in wishing that he was somewhere else than he was.

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Here’s a drawing I just finished in my figure drawing class. It was a 2-day sustained pose.

I couldn’t stop thinking of my dad when I was doing this. This one’s for you, dad.

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Head study

Had a good time tonight in my figure drawing class. We are focusing on the head and so tonight was a 3 hour long pose. I’m pretty happy with it and so I thought I’d share.


Oh, and by the way, I entered the drawing that I did a couple weeks ago (below) in a student figure drawing show and won third place!


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Figure Drawings

I’m currently taking Advanced Figure drawing and I’m really loving it. Even though I may not doing much life drawing for my career, I want to keep practicing. It’s still a dream of mine to have a dedicated art studio in whatever house we end up in.

Anyway. Here are some recent drawings. The last one is the most recent.



My instructor for this class is David McClellan. His art is terrific, check it out at

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