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3D Visual Effects Projects

I just finished up my 3D visual effects class at BYU so I thought I’d post my projects from the class.

The first one is something that I’ve posted before as a previous version here. I’ve made some adjustments to it for the final, so I thought I’d post it again.

The second project is the final for the term. The assignment was to produce an effect in Houdini and composite it with a photo or video. I chose to add lightning to a photo and found that it was a challenge because there aren’t as many stock lightning simulations in Houdini as there are for fire, water or smoke. Through some investigation and help from my instructor I was able to come up with something that created nice lightning bolts. After that it was a matter of compositing it in a realistic manner. I’m super familiar with Photoshop, and while that’s not the ideal industry tool to use for such things, I found the animation features to work well for what I was trying to accomplish. Here it is:

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Paper Cut Crab in the Deep Blue Sea

The assignment in my Drawing for Animation class was to make an image from the Deep Sea emulating the style of illustrator Charly Harper. Once I looked at this style what I noticed, besides the breaking things down to simple shapes, was the textures, and that made me think of 3D paper cut art and so that’s the direction I took. I don’t think this would be mistaken for Charly Harper art, but I kinda like it. With a little more time I would have liked to have tried to do this in Maya so that it might look a little better, but instead it’s all in Photoshop.

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