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Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

I’ve received permission from Bryan Ferry to animate to his musical version of Shakespeare’s 18th Sonnet. Here is a completed bit where I’ve worked out some of the processes and look for the thing. So far I’m happy with how it’s coming along.

Click here to view in HD.

The drawings and animations were created in Adobe Illustrator and Flash. It was all composited together in After Effects.

Ultimately, I want this to look like it’s actual ink and paint on paper that’s animated. I’d call the drawing style Book of Kells influenced.

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Character Design Assignment 4 – Silhouettes, part 1

For the fourth character design for this class, we focused on interesting silhouettes. First off, we took brush pens and created random blotches that weren’t really supposed to be well thought out, they were just to create an interesting shape. The theme was “tribal” and I think we could to go sci-fi a little on it if we wanted.

Here are my initial silhouettes:

After this we picked the one we liked the best and we were supposed to go over it with white to add in some detail shapes, but still nothing too defined at this point. Here are my white passes over the shape that I liked the most:

After these white passes, we picked the one of those we liked the most and then created a finished drawing from it. Here’s the final:

I really enjoyed this assignment and it really opened my eyes to one way to go about coming up with an interesting design. I’m happy with the results. The final was finished in Adobe Illustrator.

The next assignment was similar to this and I enjoyed that as well. I’ll post that one soon.

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Monster in my closet

Here’s a fun little project I just turned in. This was for my Drawing for Animation class. We were supposed to focus on shape and design something that could work as a toy also. The theme was “Monster in the Closet.” I’m thinking it might be fun to make a little short out of it someday.

[UPDATE – Feb. 6, 2012] – I’d like to start participating in Illustration Friday again and I thought that this fit the subject “Suspense” for this week. So here you go!

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