Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock



As the Sci Fi channel original series, Battlestar Galacticaicon, comes to a close, it’s interesting to see how the storyline is wrapping up. As someone who has watched the series from the beginning, I’m a little unsure if some of the issues will be satisfactorily resolved in the four episodes that are remaining before the series ends.

One of the problems that I have with tonight’s episode is that as they are preparing to end the series in a handful of episodes, we are seeing a lot of things that I can’t help but think aren’t really important to the resolution of the overall storyline. Are the political issues about the poor on the lower decks really going to help tie up the bigger questions about a final home for the fleet? Or answer the questions about what’s going on with Starbuck? I understand that the reunion of Ellen Tigh with the final five was going to cause conflict between her, her former husband Saul Tigh and Caprica Six who’s four months pregnant with his pure Cylon child, I just wish it wasn’t the primary plotline of tonight’s episode.

In my book, the best ending to a series came from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where they had a 10 episode arc that tied up all the outstanding plotlines from the series and then a two-hour finale where we were able to say farewell to all the characters and feel like things were tidied up well. The worst ending to a series came from Star Trek: Voyager where they vowed to keep you guessing up until the last moment as to whether or not they were going to make it home. When the answer to that question was given that yes, they had finally made it back to earth, 5 seconds later the show ended.

There are 4 episodes left to Battlestar Galacticaicon, and next week promises to focus heavily on the mystery behind Starbuck. They’ll probably need another one to resolve what’s happening with Gaius Baltar and the lower decks and then hopefully they’ll take care of the other group of cylons that the rebels on Galactica abandoned. I’m sure sprinkled in all of that will be the working out of the love triangle between Saul Tigh, Ellen Tigh, and Caprica Six; whether or not Laura Roslin is going to succumb to her cancer; and how many more frakking times are we going to see Adama shaving or brushing his teeth in his bathroom? I mean, can’t that wait until he’s safely home on New, New Caprica? Or New Earth? In his New Bathroom?

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