“…and the legend was born in the wild land.” – REJECTED

So, I’m finishing up my final for my Drawing for Animation class, and I had two ideas. One idea was a little easier but it was just a joke that I though was funny, but didn’t really mean anything to me. The second idea was more meaningful for me, but harder. After crowd-sourcing my friends, they helped me come to the conclusion that the meaningful one would be better.

With that said, here is the rejected idea. I still think it’s funny, but I like the idea I’m finishing up better.

It’s pretty rough, the logo in the window would be moved and the cropping would be adjusted if I was going to go ahead with it, but here is my rough sketch for you to see.

The theme is “…and the legend was born in the wild land.”

If the joke isn’t clear immediately, it’s kind of one of those funny stories you and your friends tell for years after it happens, “remember when we were having pizza and you ate the…” The pizza parlor is called “Wild Land Pizza.” So the oft-told story of accidentally eating a cockroach happened in the Wild Land. Get it???

Yeah, that’s why I decided on something more meaningful. Thanks friends. I’ll post my finished actual project later.

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