Illustration Friday: Detach

For this week’s Illustration Friday, I thought I’d show a bit of a project I’m working on.

This is a frame from the introductory strip for a web comic I’m working on, The comic strip is about a boy named Denny who has an alien named Ed land (crash) his ship in a tree in his backyard. This family-friendly comic strip is about their adventures as Ed learns about Denny’s world.

How does this fit in with the Illustration Friday theme? Well, Ed is detached from his people? It’ll be hard to detach the ship from the tree? Maybe you can fill it in for me?

I’m developing the web site right now, and you can peek at it if you’d like to at I’m planning on a launch date of 9/1/08 for their 6-day a week adventures.

I hope to see you around then!

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