Illustration Friday: Baby

Here’s my Illustration Friday entry for the week.

This entry needs a bit of explanation. We adopted our two children. When you fill out the paperwork to adopt, they have you check boxes as to what your preferences for children would be. You have to answer questions, not only about what race you’d be willing to adopt, but medical or emotional issues you’d be willing to deal with as well. Filling out the form is kind of difficult because it’s important to be reasonable with what you’d be able to handle, but at the same time, you don’t want to be insensitive and heck, anyone who had a natural born child could deal with many of those kinds of issues anyway.

This cartoon came out of that process and the desire not to check any preferences but to just let cards fall where they may. This time, though, things got a bit out of control…

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Like, it’s Luke.

This is one of those drawings where I just started by drawing a circle for his skull, and then let my wandering mind fill in the rest of the details while I was in the process of waiting for a Sunday meeting to start.

This also brings up something I’ve been dealing with lately. My daughters will often ask me to draw Spider-Man, or some other super hero or cartoon character they’re following lately. But without any reference material in front of me, I tend to come up with something that usually looks fairly bad—in my opinion.

I’ve realized lately that I do have a definite style when I’m drawing my own characters, so why not just do those other characters in my style? I know this might seem like a no-brainer epiphany, but it sure made a light go off in my head.

So, here’s Luke Skywalker watching the binary sunset from my own “certain point of view.”

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